Our Mission


The purpose of this community music school is to develop artistic talents in all individuals aged 4 and up.


We are training students to eventually partake in ensembles, bands, art festivals, church groups, community events, etc.



Our Work


Developing artistic talents in young students is vital to student development. To serve this purpose we will offer a wide variety of music styles as well as art and drama lessons to fully develop the potential of each of our students. Pending sufficient interest, we will also offer the choice of different genres of bands and choirs under guidance of qualified teachers.

Our Funding

We are a federally registered charitable organization. We are very happy and grateful to have received funding from the following donors in support of McGill Music & Arts School's activities:


  • The Alberta Foundation for the Arts

          (funded by the Government of Alberta)


          Barrister, Solicitor, Notary





Who may join?

 McGill Blvd. Music and Arts School aims to instruct all individuals ages 4 and up. Please note that at very young ages, instrument selection is limited.


How much will it cost?

  • Lessons

Lessons cost $15 per half hour. If there are 2 people in a lesson group, the cost will be $7.50 per student. In groups of 3 or more, students will pay the minimum rate of $5 per half hour. Please note: not all instruments can be taught in a group setting. Lessons can be pro-rated so there is no need to worry about deadlines.


 Art and music supplies are to be paid for by the student unless the student is subsidized, in which case the cost will be borne by McGill Music and Arts School.


Are there any subsidies?

Our aim is to subsidize 25% of all students in our school through individual and business sponsorships. The subsidy program targets low-income families or individuals. The maximum subsidy a student can obtain is $7.50 per half hour. Please contact us for further details.

How do I register?

Please visit our registration page for more details.


When and where are lessons scheduled?

Lessons will be scheduled on weekdays from 4-9 PM. McGill Music and Arts School is at 260 McGill Blvd. West, Lethbridge.

Adopt an Artist


At McGill, we offer an Adopt an Artist program where individuals can sponsor an artist that would not normally be able to take lessons due to financial challenges. Contact us for more information if you would like to sponsor someone or if you need a sponsor yourself.

We need your support.

McGill Music & Arts School is always looking for donors to financially support the school's activities. You will receive a charitable donation receipt for any donation of $25.00 or more.


Donate an Instrument

Donations of violins, especially kids sizes, will be very welcome.

You can receive a charitable donation receipt equal to the value of the violin, and know that your well-loved instrument will be used for the benefit of others. Interested? Please contact us!




McGill Boulevard Music and Arts Society c/o

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Tel: (403) 308-0339

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